2021 STARS Celebration

Schedule Overview

All Times in Central Time Zone (GMT-5)

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Social Event and Networking 

10:00AM - 10:15AM


Jamie Payton, Temple University

10:15AM - 11:00AM 



Lighthouse Projects - Progress through Visibility 

Veronica Catete, North Carolina State University



11:15AM - 12:15PM 

Planning Your BPC Project 

Jamie Payton, Temple University

 Chelsea Zackey, Temple University




What’s the Impact?

How to Measure and Evaluate Your BPC Efforts

Huifang Zuo, Research Associate, Center for STEM Education, University of Chicago 

Joseph Allen, Director, Equity, Leadership & Planning at Austin Independent School District  




BPC Event Plans Gallery Walk

Tiffany Barnes , North Carolina State University

Amy Isvik, North Carolina State University


Break & Survey



Closing & People’s Choice Awards

Tiffany Barnes, North Carolina State University



Session Details



Lighthouse Projects - Progress through Visibility

Veronica Cateté

As a nation, as universities, and establishments of higher education, we have made progress toward inclusion. However, we may still find ourselves as the first, the only, or the few. In these instances, we may find ourselves feeling lost and alone, however, these are also instances of great opportunity --- where, as we pave the way forward, we can bring others with us. In the spirit of we rise by lifting others, Dr. Veronica Cateté talks about the importance of visibility and role models for young students and aspiring computer scientists. Dr. Cateté shares insights from outreach, mentoring, and her academic journey with STARS to help others develop best practices for reaching out to others and helping newcomers feel included in one of the fastest-growing industries.


Planning Your BPC Project

Jamie Payton and Chelsea Zackey

Both academic computing departments and computing-oriented businesses are seeking ways to broaden participation. The STARS Computing Corps Ignite program seeks to amplify the positive impact of attending Tapia attendance by helping attendees ignite efforts to broaden participation of historically excluded groups in computing for lasting impact within their own institutions. As a follow up to the concepts, practices, and resources introduced in STARS@Tapia Home Team meetings, this interactive session will guide attendees through the process of considering the context of their local institution to identify broadening participation in computing (BPC) goals, evidence-based practices, and resources to create a BPC action plan. During this session, participants will develop and prepare to share their plan through the BPC Event Plan Gallery Walk.


What's the Impact? How to Measure and Evaluate Your BPC Efforts

Joseph Allen and Huifang Zuo

Are you wondering if your efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion are meeting your goals? This interactive workshop will provide an introduction to evaluating your Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) efforts. We'll provide an introduction to the questions you may want to ask about your efforts, measures to consider, how to collect data, and resources to support your evaluation. We'll also introduce the STARS BPC Research Toolkit, which includes guides for BPC evaluation, BPC assessment instruments, and BPC data collection tools.


BPC Event Plans Gallery Walk

Tiffany Barnes and Amy Isvik

In this interactive session, student and faculty cohorts will have the opportunity to share their BPC Event Plans with each other through a structured series of brief, small group breakouts. As attendees make their way through this "Gallery Walk", they can vote for the People's Choice Award for best BPC Event Plan.